http://www.clean-lead.com is the online home of the RELAB project, a joint project with Imperial College London and Envirowales, a lead recycling facility based in Ebbw Vale. For more info check out out about page.

The aim of the project is to develop a novel, low temperature, lower energy recycling process for lead that eliminates the requirement for lead smelting in the process of the purification of lead. This will be achieved through the use of deep eutectic solvents, a novel type of liquid pioneered in the UK, that possess high metal salt solubility despite their environmentally benign composition.

Here you will find information regarding the project and who we are as well as blog posts providing background information, current results and what we have been up to!


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Lead acid batteries

Discovery of lead acid batteries Lead acid batteries (LABs) were initially developed in 1859 by the French physicist Gaston Planté. He studied the polarisation behaviour of silver, tin, lead, copper, gold, platinum and aluminium electrodes in dilute aqueous sulfuric acid solutions. He determined that the secondary (or discharge) current for lead was the highest and … Continue reading Lead acid batteries

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